Nutritional Counseling in Seattle for Better Health

You are what you eat, and nutritional counseling at Seattle Naturopathy & Acupuncture center takes that statement to the next level. It is not really what you eat that determines your health but rather getting the right nutrition for your specific needs. Your body was designed to efficiently use food and to make the most of the nutrients that are available in the food you eat. If you are not getting the right balance of nutrition, you are denying your body the vital elements that it needs to build a healthy immune system, process energy, and perform other body functions.

Nutrition for Healing

Your nutritional needs are unique to you, as it is what your body needs to deal with your unique stresses. Stress is the primary cause of disease in the body, so each person has different nutritional needs to help balance out the good and the not-so-good things that we are exposed to daily. Nutrition acts as both a counterbalance and an anchor for good health. It counter balances other elements that you are exposed to and it anchors good health. For healing purposes:

  • Good nutrition fuels the immune system
  • It provides vital elements to the systems that need it most
  • It promotes healing and repair in the body

Your body was built to heal itself, but it must have the right tools to do that. Proper nutrition are the tools.

For Wellness

There are some people who do everything they can to achieve wellness. They exercise, they sleep enough, they do their best to consume good foods, yet they still miss the mark when it comes to optimal health simply because they do not pay enough attention to the nutrition that is ideal for their body.


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