Needing A Tubal Ligation In Grass Lake, MI

by | Oct 13, 2015 | Healthcare

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Most women come to a point when they no longer want to have children. At that time, they consider permanent contraception. One of the most commonly used methods is a tubal ligation. The procedure is often referred to “as having the tubes tied.” Actually, during the surgery, access to the fallopian tubes is cut off. The sperm and egg must meet in the fallopian tubes in order for pregnancy to occur. Women will still have a menstrual cycle, and the surgery can be reversed. However, a reversal is considered major surgery.

Women planning to have a Tubal Ligation in Grass Lake MI should beware of the risks, including:

     *     complications from anesthesia

     *     infection

     *     perforation of the bowel or bladder

     *     pelvic or abdominal pain

One of the benefits of a tubal ligation is that it can be performed during another surgery. For instance, the procedure can be done during a c-section. Often, women are at risk because they think the procedure protects them from STD’s. However, it does not, and other methods must be used. The operation has a good success rate. In fact, less than one percent of women get pregnant in the twelve months after a tubal ligation. Rarely, a woman may have an ecotopic pregnancy. That occurs when the egg implants in a fallopian tube. Doctors explain the risks and facts to women planning to have a Tubal Ligation in Grass Lake MI. The doctor wants to make sure the woman wants to be sterile. Indeed, some doctors will not perform the procedure right after a pregnancy.

Having the procedure done at Women First Health is not complicated. The procedure is done with a laparoscope. A small cut is made near the navel, and the stomach is filled with gas. Next, the doctor closes the fallopian tubes by cutting off parts of them. Sometimes, the tubes are blocked using special clips. Finally, the gas is removed, and the patient goes home after a few hours. The patient should take it easy for a couple of weeks. Additionally, women are not allowed to have sex until the doctor approves it. It is always good to have medical options that make life a little easier.

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