Natural Looking Breast Implants in New York Are FDA-Approved

Gummy bear natural looking breast implants in New York are innovative new devices. Women who have been unsure about increasing their breast size or improving the appearance of their breasts in the past now have the opportunity to make a change. That’s because gummy bear implants are made with a highly dense, condensed version of silicone, thereby reducing the risk of leakage or scarring.

The natural looking breast implants in New York look more natural because they are tear-dropped shaped. As a result, more fullness is achieved at the bottom of the breast, all which conforms more to how a breast is shaped. Saline implants and regular silicone implants are rounder. Therefore, breasts look less natural overall.

Natural looking breast implants in New York in the form of gummy bear implants can be used for women who desire larger breasts or for any woman who is experiencing sagging or who would like breast that are firmer and more attractive.

A Safer and More Natural Looking Implant

Here, in Dr. Fiorillo’s office, we are proud to introduce the fifth generation of silicone breast implants as these new implants feature a more natural look and feel. The manufacturer of the natural looking breast implants in New York makes the devices more pliable as he uses a substance known as a cross-linker in the gel, all which makes the silicone form-stable. As a result, when a Gummy Bear implant is cut, it still retains its shape and will not leak. Therefore, the natural looking breast implants in New York verifiably safe.

We offer a variety of shapes, sizes and textures in Gummy Bear implants. Therefore, patients can choose to obtain more voluptuous curves or elect to select implants to improve their shape or give lift to sagging breasts. Depending on one’s body type, we feature teardrop, oval or round to fit the body’s contour and enhance the physique. Models are available in both non-textured and textured versions.

Implants That Will Last

The implants we use here in Dr. Fiorillo’s office are made by the brand Sientra, which offers products that prove to have reduced complication rates. The company states that the Silimed-brand type Gummy Bears have a rupture rate of a mere two percent over a three- year period. Plus, this kind of form-stable implant will not fold or wrinkle either. Folds and wrinkles contribute to shell failure and rupturing. So, once the implants are inserted, they last a long, long time.

The Sientra Silimed natural looking breast implants in New York were FDA-approved on March 9, 2012. The devices have been used since 1995 in Europe and from 2000 in Canada. If you would like further information about breast augmentation surgery using the implants, we invite you to contact our office or visit our website to obtain further details. Visit us at website today.

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