Mobile PET Scans Are Helping Patients in New York During the Pandemic

The cardiac SPECT exam in New York is helping cardiac patients get the support they need during a challenging time. During the pandemic, patients have to be careful about maintaining their health. COVID-19 is especially dangerous for people who have pre-existing conditions, like heart disease.

When a person has heart disease, they have to go the extra mile to keep their health in check. This means that they have to diet, exercise, and visit their doctor on a regular basis. Unfortunately, COVID-19 has made it harder for patients to visit the doctor. However, without getting a cardiac SPECT exam in New York, cardiac patients are at risk of increased cardiac symptoms.

Many patients are not going to the doctor to get the care that they need because they are worried that if they go to the doctor, they are going to contract COVID-19 from the doctor’s office. Some people have lost their job, so the simple act of getting up and getting out to go to the doctor is more than they can afford.

It is difficult for doctors to treat patients if they are unable to monitor changes in their health. If doctors cannot give patients vital testing, it could lead to the patient’s condition getting a lot worse. Cardiac imaging provides an accurate treatment that can improve a patient’s cardiac health.

Learn more about cardiac SPECT exam in New York and how Cardiac Imaging, Inc. is helping patients get the care they need and about the safety protocols they are using by visiting their website today.

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