Maintaining Eye Health With Contact Lenses In Grand Rapids

Contact lenses continue to evolve with technology and research, and the new contacts of today are very effective in assisting with vision problems for a large number of teens and adults throughout the Grand Rapids area.

Getting the Right Lenses

With so many different options in contact lenses from disposable single use to continuous wear lenses, knowing what is the right option for your eyes starts with seeing your ophthalmologist.

Your ophthalmologist will evaluate your eyes including the presence of any conditions that may be important in determining the particular type of contact that is most appropriate. He or she will also help you in putting the contacts into your eyes and taking them out, ensuring that you are using the correct techniques to prevent any potential issues with use.

General Tips for Eye Health with Contacts

Also, the staff at the ophthalmologist’s office will typically review contact care and eye health issues with you that are specific to the type of contacts you are using. It is important never to use contact lenses incorrectly and always to follow proper care and use recommendations.

 * Hygiene – before handling your contacts always make sure to wash your hands. Germs, bacteria and even viruses can pass from your skin to the contacts and then into your eyes. Use a mild soap that is free from moisturizers, fragrances or deodorants that can cause eye irritation.

 * Not cleaning the lenses – with reusable contact lenses it will be important to not only use new solution every day to clean the lenses, but it is also important to rub the contacts between your fingers before putting them into the solution for the night. This helps to remove the surface deposits and allows the solution to do a great job of cleaning the lens.

 * Only use contacts as indicated – many people with reusable contacts try to extend the life of the contacts. While this may save a little bit in the cost of new contacts, it increases the risk of infection or irritation in the eyes.

 * Ignoring eye irritations – if you have irritated, itchy, red or teary eyes and wear contacts, seeing your ophthalmologist can help to proactively and quickly address problems. This lessens the chance of the irritation turning into an infection which can take longer to treat.

 * Cleaning contact lenses other than recommended – sometimes people may use tap water to clean their contacts, or even worse, use their saliva. This is a very good way to introduce bacteria and germs into the eye that can result in serious complications if an infection develops.

Talking to your Grand Rapids ophthalmologist and choosing the best contact lenses for your eyes is the first step to eye heath. After that, it will be up to you to follow the correct protocol to care for your lenses and your eye health.

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