Love Addiction: You Can Recover from It?

While common associates of addictions are usually attributed to substances or behaviors such as alcohol, drugs and sex, there are more addictions that are not considered an addiction by most people. When considered and compared to other types of addictions, these types of addictions can seem relatively harmless. Love addiction is one of the most pertinent addictions that fall into this category. So love addiction, what is it?

When you describe a person struggling with love addiction, you are typically talking about a person with feelings of emptiness when they do not have a love interest. They may not want a serious love interest either since they tend to fall for people that are emotionally unavailable. More than anything it is the thrill of the chase and the hook of uncertainty that gives a love addict a sense of purpose. They enjoy being able to focus on an endeavor that can alter their mood.

A Love Addict’s High Never Remains
Without a romantic interest a love addict can feel empty. Eventually, the high tends to dissipate, even when an addict thinks they are getting exactly what they want. Invariably self-sabotage is a common occurrence due to the fact that they aren’t able to tolerate the possibility of any kind of true intimacy. Even longer lasting romantic interests are riddled with break ups and reunions that are short-lived.

A love addict goes through cycles that can cause distractions and mood swings. This is especially true if a love addict is left emotionally devastated by a love interest that leaves them. They are then forced to feel those same empty feelings they were trying to escape to begin with which once again starts the cycle.

The Benefits of Recovery from Love Addiction Include the Following:

  • Learning Safe and Healthy Boundaries
  • Self-Respect
  • Clarity
  • Authenticity
  • A New Focus on Relationships
  • You’ll Show Up for Your Life

Seek Love Addiction Treatment and Recover
The simple truth is that love addiction is in the mind, and if it is bad enough most certainly requires treatment. It gives you false ideas about who is and isn’t interested, which of course is a struggle in and of itself. It can even convince you that a bad relationship is more important than your friends, family, career and physical and mental health. When you seek love addiction treatment you will be encouraged to let go of feelings and emotions that tell you the wrong kind of love is right for you.

Blue Tiger Recovery can give you the counseling and therapy you need for recovery from love addiction. Contact them today to speak to caring and empathetic representatives ready to answer all of your questions.

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