Locum Tenens Job – Before You Decide

by | May 25, 2015 | Health

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So you have completed your medical training, but you are not entirely sure where you would like to work. Perhaps you are in the middle of your career and are considering a change. Maybe you are approaching the end of your career and are considering scaling back a bit, without retiring completely. Working locum tenens may be the perfect option for you.

Why Locum Tenens?
Doctors choose to accept a locum tenens job for a number of reasons. New doctors, physician’s assistants and nurse practitioners may like the option of trying out different specialties or locations before settling down. Statistically, a high percentage of residents are unhappy with their first practice because the style of the practice is not what they envisioned or they were unsure of the initial expectations of the position. By accepting a temporary assignment, they have the ability to change their assignments as needed.

Some times as doctors approach the middle of their careers, they may decide that they wish to change specialties, medical groups or move. Accepting a locum tenens assignment allows them to try out new areas, both geographically and professionally, to help them decide where to focus their careers next.

As doctors reach the end of their careers, they may wish to work fewer hours. Perhaps they want to become semi-retired while remaining active within the medical profession. Rather than do research, they take on a temporary assignment here and there to keep themselves thriving.

Top 4 Reasons for Working Short-Term Assignments

A recent survey of more than 500 doctors listed these as the top 4 reasons for working short-term.
1. Flexible Schedule                      48%
2. Travel Opportunities                  38%
3. Earn Extra Income                     35%
4. Clinical Experience                    34%

Earning Potential
Earning potential varies depending on medical specialty and the job description. Most locum tenens job opportunities are offered on the basis of the physician being an independent contractor and are paid on a per diem basis. There are some contracts based on hourly rates, including time and a half after 40 hours. Some agencies even cover medical malpractice insurance as part of their compensation package. Others may include travel and housing expenses.

Consider All the Facts
When making your decision, consider all the facts. Be sure to review the terms of the assignment to make sure that you understand what the client’s expectations are and that you will be comfortable with them and will be able to perform. Also, be sure that you fully understand how you will be compensated and what will be included in your compensation package.

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