Lip Fillers in Longmont

by | Jan 11, 2020 | Skin Care Clinic

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Lip fillers have moved into the mainstream of cosmetic procedures. They are becoming as popular as teeth whitening. Lip fillers in Longmont increase the fullness of lips. The procedure uses an injectable dermal filler such as hyaluronic acid. The process is non-invasive. The result is fuller, plumper lips in about 15 minutes. As the recovery time is minimal, women can comfortably squeeze an appointment in during their lunch break or running errands. The type of filler that is used depends on the area of the lips you want to enhance. Some people want to increase the volume of their lips while others want to define the shape.

The gel is in a prefilled syringe. The results are immediate, but some of what you see is swelling. The full effect of the procedure can be seen within a month. As the filler integrates into the skin, the initial swelling subsides. The results, although not permanent, do last about 18 months. All dermal fillers used by JMarie Skin Studio are safe for injection and have been approved by the USFDA. As hyaluronic acid is a natural substance found in human skin, there is no chance of an allergic reaction, and infections are uncommon.

It is not unusual for dermal fillers in Longmont to be confused with Botox. Both are popular. Botox is used to minimize the appearance of lines and facial wrinkles, while dermal fillers add fullness to areas that have become thin due to aging. Although lip fillers are most popular, the procedure is equally impressive when used in the cheeks and around the mouth. When choosing a skin studio, choose one where the cosmetician has extensive knowledge of facial anatomy and a well-developed eye for beauty and symmetry. With the help of a knowledgeable cosmetician, dermal fillers can provide healthy, natural-looking lip enhancements that will help you feel comfortable with your appearance.

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