Learning About Pediatric Dry Eye Treatment in Colorado Springs, CO

Dry eye syndrome mainly occurs in men and women in middle age or older. Less commonly, optometrists encounter the condition in children. The problem can be very bothersome, with the eyes frequently feeling gritty and sore. Parents who realize a child might have this disorder will be interested in dry eye treatment in Colorado Springs, CO.

About the Syndrome

Dry eye syndrome is a chronic deficiency of adequate lubrication. The most common cause is evaporative eye disease. Enough tears are produced, but the tears do not contain sufficient lipids. That allows the moisture to rapidly evaporate. Sometimes the problem develops because the eyes do not generate enough moisture. In other cases, both issues contribute to the disorder.

The syndrome typically develops due to aging, a side effect of medications and a symptom associated with autoimmune illnesses. Children diagnosed with chronic dry eyes should have a thorough physical exam to rule out any systemic disorders that could be causing the problem. If the youngster routinely takes allergy medication, this could result in chronic eye dryness. Otherwise, doctors will consider the syndrome to be idiopathic, meaning there is no identifiable cause.


Dry eye treatment in Colorado Springs, CO typically begins with moisturizing drops. Prescription products are available if over-the-counter ones are ineffective. Optometrists also can place punctal plugs in the tear ducts as a safe and effective long-term treatment. This is especially helpful for youngsters who aren’t compliant with using drops frequently.

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