How to Know it’s Time to Seek Fertility Help

If you are like most women, your main doctor for anything to do with pregnancy and trying to conceive is your gynecologist. However, when it comes to being unable to conceive, it is highly possible that a fertility clinic in Orlando, FL may be the better option. There are a few reasons that you should consider fertility help, instead of depending on your gynecologist to take care of it. Read on below for a few of the ways you can tell it’s time to seek help for your infertility from another source.

You have a History of Miscarriages

If you have had over two miscarriages, then it is possible you have what is known of as recurrent pregnancy loss. There are many reasons that could cause this to happen and a fertility clinic in Orlando, FL may be able to help you get to the root of the problem.

You have had no Success Conceiving

Statistics show that most women who are trying to conceive, do so by the age of 35 and within a year after they decide to have intercourse unprotected. If you have been trying for over a year with no results, then it may be time to try IVF. A reputable fertility clinic will help you determine the reasons why you are not conceiving then work with you to correct the problem, so that you can have the baby you crave.

Remember, it Takes Two

It is important to remember that infertility isn’t just a female problem, oftentimes, the sperm count of your spouse may be the problem instead. A fertility doctor can help you determine the cause and help you with a solution.

For more information on a reputable fertility clinic in Orlando, FL, contact the offices of the Advanced Reproductive Specialists for help.

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