How To Become A Sterile Processing Tech

by | Jun 15, 2016 | Healthcare

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A Sterile Processing & Distribution Technician is part of the medical field and must sterilize the equipment and tools that doctors use. Without this person, medical facilities may cause more illness and infection to patients, meaning they are a crucial aspect of any medical facility, including hospitals. Because they are in such high demand and must be trained, you’ll want to consider a school that uses certified instructors.


Any school should provide various class times so you can pick the one that fits your schedule. For example, many are now offering weekend classes, where you only attend on Saturday and Sunday for about eight weeks or so. Day and night courses should also be available, and you may also be able to mix them up.

What You’ll Learn

The primary aspect is learning how to sterilize equipment, but you’ll also need to know some medical terminology, microbiology, human anatomy, decontamination processes, infection control and how to prepare, package and use items.

Most of what you will do should be hands-on training. Sterile processing can be learned from a book, but you should practice what you learn, as well.

You should also be prepared to take the Sterile Processing Certification Exam when finished with the course. Having an in-demand job means it should be easier to find work when you’ve completed training in as little as two months.

Features Of Your Program

Of course, your program will differ depending on the school you select. However, you may be offered a smaller class size, volunteer or externship programs and payment options. The school should be willing to help you afford education by giving you bill-me-later options and payment plans that you can afford.

Sterile Processing is exploding in the medical field, so now is the time to consider this career. Visit Altamont Healthcare now to learn more.

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