How Professional Musicians Benefit from Hearing Aids in Norwich, CT

Listening to music is something everyone enjoys. However, for professional musicians, this passion is also their livelihood. Unfortunately for some, the constant loud sounds and high frequencies of different instruments may lead to an early hearing loss. When this happens, many musicians abandon their craft and feel defeated. Thanks to advancements in audiology, however, Hearing Aids in Norwich CT, may be all it takes for these artists to hear the music once again.

Unlike older devices, the hearing aids of today are very high tech. They are digital and allow wearers to hear with astounding clarity. Older analog aids were created to allow users to hear voices. They had very limited settings. Digital aids, on the other hand, can be adjusted to the wearers needs. Under the guidance of an audiologist, the hearing aid can have different limits set to adjust for both treble and bass sounds. This is a tricky task because no two musicians will need the same sound levels. For example, a flute player will need to hear higher frequencies more clearly than a bass guitarist. Once the optimal levels are found, a musician can continue with a successful and fulfilling career.

It is very important to prevent hearing loss before it starts. Since musicians are more likely to experience hearing damage than other professions, they need to be proactive in wearing hearing protection. Foam earplugs can be purchased at most local drugstores, and they offer adequate hearing protection. However, many musicians feel these earplugs distort sounds. An audiologist can make custom ear molds that reduce sound decibel levels without changing the sounds. Ear molds last several years before they need to be replaced. Visit us to see if you can benefit from custom-fitted ear molds.

Many people experience hearing loss as they age. Professional musicians, however, often notice deficits in their hearing at an earlier age. Hearing Aids in Norwich CT, may be useful for musicians who still want to continue with their careers. Modern digital aids offer high sound quality and can be adjusted to the wearers specifications. Be sure to visit a local audiologist for a hearing test to see if your ears are functioning at an optimal level.

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