How Imaging Tests Improve Rates of Patient Survival

What are imaging tests?

These are tests that take pictures of the organs and systems inside your body. Basically, forms of energy are sent through your body and your body tissues change those energy patterns. These images then provide doctors with the information they need to treat you. Radiology imaging tests, in particular, provide evidence that help doctors determine the presence of cancer cells in your body.

What are the tests for?

The tests are often used to detect early signs of cancer. Early detection is essential since it can significantly increase the chances of getting a successful treatment. If the cancer has spread, treatment options are fewer and less effective. Chances of survival are much, much lower as well. By going for early Radiology imaging tests, your doctors can start treatment right away if in case you turn out to be in the early stages of cancer.

Numbers by survival

Spotting cancer early on makes a difference in a patient’s survival rate. For instance, more than 9 out of 10 bowel patients can expect to live five years longer if they’re diagnosed at stage 1. When it comes to breast cancer, 90 percent of women diagnosed with the disease can live 5 years longer if they catch the disease at stage 1 rather than at an advanced stage, says Cancer Research UK. In addition, 90 percent of women diagnosed with ovarian cancer at stage 1 can expect to live more than 5 years than those who are diagnosed when the cancer has already metastasized.

Why are tests diagnosed late?

Lack of awareness of common cancer signs and symptoms is often the culprit. If you feel anything is off with your health, don’t self-medicate. Consult with your doctor and go in for exams. The earlier you know if you’ve got cancer, the better your chances at recovery will be.

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