How Does a Walk-in Clinic Provide Trauma Services?

When a person is suffering from severe medical trauma, and they need to have life-saving treatment right away, a walk-in medical clinic is not the ideal option. Instead, in those cases, patients should always go to the emergency room. However, a walk-in facility can provide treatment for those who have already received their initial emergency medical care, such as after an auto accident, and who are now dealing with the aftermath of those injuries.

A quality walk-in medical clinic can offer interventional pain management services to help deal with the injuries. In addition, they can help with therapeutic programs that can help patients who are dealing with a range of injuries including back pain, bruises, torn ligaments, and more. Those who are in pain can often find the relief and help they need through these types of clinics.

Some of the types of therapies offered at the Injury Care Centers walk-in medical clinic in St. Augustine, FL include dealing with small wounds and cuts, physiotherapeutic treatment, x-ray and diagnostics, evaluation of fractures, and even orthopedic surgery. Some of the more common types of injuries the clinic sees include bruised and broken ribs, broken or dislocated bones, internal injuries, concussion, and soft tissue injuries.

ER vs. Walk-in Medical Clinic
In many cases, you will find that the walk-in clinic can provide you with service you need, which can remove the need to go to an ER. However, you must remember that when or a loved one is faced with life-threatening injuries, the emergency room is the best place to be. Some of the reasons that you should go to the emergency room include major head trauma, severe reactions to stings or bites, severe or persistent vomiting, bleeding that does not stop after applying direct pressure for ten minutes, signs of a heart attack, poisoning, and unexplained stupor or disorientation.

Those who are dealing with problems such as a toothache, cold and flu symptoms without fainting, sunburns and minor burns, sprains, headaches, minor cuts, ear aches and similar maladies should head to a walk-in medical clinic. In those cases, when your life is not in danger, you will find that the professionals in the clinic can provide you with the help you need, and they can often provide follow-up therapy and help if needed or can recommend a doctor for you to see.

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