Exploring the Different Types of Substance Abuse Interventions in Minnesota

by | Feb 16, 2024 | Health consultant

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A family member struggling with substance abuse may be a cause of concern for the family and friends. Concerned people may wonder when it is time to look for substance abuse intervention. When the substance causes problems in the user’s relationships, work or personal safety and they are unable to stop despite the issues, then intervention measures are needed. Various types of substance abuse interventions can be used.

Non-Medication Intervention

Counseling and group therapy are the primary substance abuse interventions professionals use to help patients stop drug use. Counseling can be done in different settings where the individual feels at ease. Group therapies bring patients together to talk about substance use and the effort of persevering in the abstinence journey. A professional therapist controls the group to keep the members focused and maintain the rules. Each patient will use personal experience to confront the other members.

Medication Intervention

There are medicines that professionals use to prevent discomfort during substance use withdrawal. They help avoid a person’s craving for a substance or block the enzymes involved in its metabolism. Mainly, medications are used together with non-medication interventions for increased efficiency.

Self-Help Programs

Unlike group therapies, self-help groups are controlled by participants. When a person knows they are not alone in the fight against substance use, they can continue with the journey even when it feels hard.

Is someone close to you struggling with substance use? There are different types of substance abuse interventions at Drew Horowitz & Associates that may help deal with the condition.

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