Explaining the Benefits of Pop Off Sutures in Calif. Healthcare Settings

by | Aug 17, 2021 | Health

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If you work in healthcare in Calif., you likely have been involved in surgical suture. The suture procedure involves stitching a wound or incision back together. Unfortunately, this type of procedure can often be a safety hazard. Due to the materials involved, sutures commonly result in a needlestick injury. Fortunately, pop off sutures can help prevent this injury.

Needlestick Injuries in Healthcare

Needlestick injuries occur whenever a healthcare worker’s skin is pierced by a sharp instrument used in patient care. Instruments commonly used in needlestick injuries include needles, sutures or scalpels. Needlestick injuries are dangerous because they can result in the transmission of disease.

Pop Off Sutures

A pop-off is another name for a controlled release suture. These types of sutures are designed for multiple types of medical procedures and can come in various sizes. The purpose of a controlled release suture is for the device and the needle to easily detach from one another. The suture should immediately detach depending upon the healthcare provider and patient’s needs.

Benefits of Controlled Release Sutures

A controlled release suture is designed to release with a simple light tug. In contrast, other types of sutures can be more difficult to release. The greater difficulty can result in an increase in mistakes and needlestick injuries. This can occur most frequently when healthcare providers attempt to place interrupted stitches. When a healthcare provider needs to continually make a lot of ties during the suture procedure, pop off or controlled sutures can be very beneficial in preventing accidents.

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