Exciting Things Come From Hormone Treatment In Norman, OK

The natural aging process wreaks havoc on a woman’s body. Women lose valuable estrogen and testosterone that help keep them balanced. Low hormone levels cause hot flashes, memory loss and fatigue. It is helpful if women see a hormone specialist or endocrinologist. There are many ways to help the problem including bio-identical hormone replacement therapy or BHRT. For years, doctors treated women with artificial hormones. Over time, the artificial hormones were linked to blood clots, breast cancer and heart disease.

It is smart to visit a clinic for hormone treatment in Norman OK. Find an endocrinologist on the internet and click here to learn more. A hormone therapy, called SottoPelle, works wonders for many women. This therapy has been used for more than seventy years. It involves implanting what is called a “hormone pellet.” The pellets were discovered in Europe and brought to the U.S. by Dr. Robert Greenblatt in the 1930’s. Greenblatt is considered a pioneer in endocrinology. Fortunately, the pellets can be used by men. Each patient is examined and has blood drawn. The amount of hormones given are based on test results.

The pellet hormone treatment in Norman OK works because it is easy. There are no pills, patches or creams involved. The pellet is placed in the body and releases a steady amount of hormones. It is the closest thing to Mother Nature. Indeed, a study in the American Journal of OB/GYN found that the body is able to control the release of hormones from the pellet. This mimics the function of ovaries and testicles.

Decreasing hormone levels cause brittle bones. Research indicates hormone Pellet therapy reduces a woman’s chances of getting osteoporosis. The pellets work the same for women who have surgical menopause. For instance, a hysterectomy causes a woman to instantly go into menopause. Interestingly, this therapy can be used by others. SottoPelle helps individuals with Parkinson’s Disease. Doctors found a way for patients to have more energy. The pellets are used to replace testosterone in the blood stream. Likewise, estradiol is used in pellets to boost dopamine production in women. Ask your doctor about this exciting therapy today.

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