Doctor in Maui Versus ER

When a disease starts to show its first symptoms or when an accident or sudden pain occurs, you might not know where to turn: your doctor’s office, emergency clinics or emergency room. The decision could cost you if you’re wrong, both in health and money. For instance, if you have a young child that fell from a bunk bed and got up looking pale, with some pain in the hip or leg, you may rush them to the ER. In the heat of things, you rush to the emergency room only to find out your child just got the wind knocked out of them and may have some bruising. If you would have waited or contacted your local Doctor in Maui, you may have saved plenty in bills and time.

Doctor’s office vs ER

The Institute of Medicine (IOM) of Yale University defines primary care as the care provided integrally by clinicians who can handle a wide range of patient needs. Doctors who can give you primary care are general practitioners, pediatricians, family doctors, obstetricians, and gynecologists. You should go to a doctor’s office in the following situations:

* Control and management of chronic diseases

* Rare episodes of acute illness with symptoms (sore throat, ears, etc.)

* Disease prevention

If you are not in a situation where your life is in danger, an appointment with a Doctor in Maui is probably the best and the cheapest option. Under the Health Care Act, most primary care services, including doctor visits for uncomplicated illnesses are covered completely or with a very low copayment. The clinics are a good option for primary care especially when the doctor’s office is closed, usually on weekends. These clinics are located in some stores pharmacies (CVS or Walgreens, Walmart, for example) and are usually staffed by registered nurses who can prescribe some basic medicines.

Experts note that the American Academy of Pediatrics does not recommend using store pharmacy nurses for children and adolescents. However, you can visit them often when you need vaccines, or when you have symptoms associated with a common illness like a cold or flu. The cost can be between $50 and $75 if you do not have coverage -; or you may have to play the copayment amount specified in your plan if you are insured. Visit Wailea Medical Center & Urgent Care to learn more.

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