Diagnostic Testing and Finding an Antidote for Those Struggling with Fertility in San Antonio TX

by | Dec 28, 2016 | Healthcare

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When a couple anticipates children in their future, infertility is a difficult situation to deal with. Two people trying to conceive are considered to have normal fertility when they are successful within the first year of trying. A person may be infertile due to age, a health condition, and a large percentage are infertile for unfounded reasons. The doctors and staff of a clinic for fertility in San Antonio TX identify the most likely cause of unsuccessful attempts to conceive; then they find a solution that addresses the problem. Fertility diagnostic testing helps doctors find a condition in the patient that is medically known to cause infertility. Women and men both can have medical conditions that interfere with normal fertility.

It may be thought that most cases of infertility points to the woman having a problem. In point of fact, a large percentage of cases have the male attributing to the problem. Both contribute in some way for many couples. Certain lifestyles and environmental exposures can be a cause of male infertility. Workplace environments that expose employees to chemicals, heavy metals, pesticides or paint materials can have a negative impact on fertility. Underwear and pants that are too tight can affect sperm production. Pants and underwear should not be too snug because it can overheat that part of the body. Constant exposure to high levels of heat, like in hot tubs, is an unhealthy environment for sperm.

In vitro fertilization is the most popular way to assist in achieving a successful pregnancy. There are one of about three ways to do it. Women who are in advanced maternal age are good candidates for fast track IVF. An optional step in the preparation process is skipped so the actual IVF procedure happens sooner. The step that is skipped is the oral or intravenously administered drug that increases egg production. Statistics show that there is a high success rate with fast track IVF for women who are infertile due to age. In fact, women in advanced maternal age had a forty percent higher success rate using the fast track IVF over standard IVF in the first year. Contact us for a consultation and to learn about other types of treatment for Fertility in San Antonio TX.

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