Determining it’s Time to Consider Assisted Living Communities in Leonardtown MD

by | Oct 14, 2015 | Healthcare

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Age-related memory problems are relatively common, so it’s important to understand when to start worrying. Adult children of elderly parents may be accustomed to occasional forgetfulness or mild temporary confusion, such as mixing up the grandchildren’s names or not remembering the name of the town an old friend lives in. Adult children are justifiably alarmed if the parent even temporarily forgets the grandchildren or the old friend altogether or starts talking about a deceased relative as though that individual is still alive. At that point, it may be time to start considering Assisted Living Communities in Leonardtown MD in case the memory problems continue to worsen, making independent living unsafe.

Adult children can watch for signs that the senior citizen is having unusual trouble dealing with finances. The person may forget about important events, such as an upcoming wedding that he or she normally would have looked forward to. People with dementia may ask repetitive questions to which they’ve already been given the answer, sometimes several times in a day. They may call familiar objects by unusual names. They may not be able to find their way home after going to a familiar place, such as a nearby grocery store.

The senior citizen with more serious memory issues needs a thorough evaluation by a physician, including blood tests and diagnostic imaging. Worrisome forgetfulness can be caused by easily resolved conditions such as a vitamin deficiency, and very serious ones such as a brain tumor. Kidney disorders or a malfunctioning thyroid also can cause memory loss.

If the medical team diagnoses Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia, the family can start looking at Assisted Living Communities in Leonardtown MD to prepare for the future. It’s important to take into account the individual’s interests and values. Having dementia doesn’t mean the person will entirely stop caring about these aspects. A person who is a devout Christian, for example, may enjoy living in a faith-based community. Visit Taylor Farm Assisted Living to see an example of a community where residents are encouraged to live as a family in a non-denominational Christian environment.

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