Cosmetic Eye Surgery In Honolulu Can Take Years Off Your Appearance

Cosmetic Eye Surgery Honolulu is technically known as blepharoplasty. It is performed for cosmetic and functional reasons. The surgery can involve the upper or lower eyelid or both and is the reshaping or removal of skin tissue and skin that lessens someone’s ability to see or to correct an undesirable appearance of someone’s eyes. If the eyelid skin is causing a significant obstruction to an individual’s vision, the surgery may be considered medically necessary and be covered partially, or fully, by insurance. It is very important to discuss any concerns with the doctor before the procedure takes place.

When an individual chooses Cosmetic Eye Surgery Honolulu, they should be thoroughly evaluated by the surgeon. Someone that suffers from dry eyes, uses corrective lenses, or has had laser eye surgery should let the doctor know. This could affect the surgery and the doctor may need to use different surgical techniques. If the procedure is performed in combination with any other cosmetic work, the doctor will probably choose a general anesthetic. Most individuals do not have to remain in the hospital and are released the same day. Click here for more details.

The surgeon will mark the eyelids near the creases. Very small incisions will be made to allow them access to the fat and muscle. The surgeon will redistribute or remove fatty tissues and excess skin and muscle. Loose skin will be tightened and tiny stitches will close the opening. There are some risks associated with Cosmetic Eye Surgery Honolulu, which can include:

  • Dry eyes.
  • Scars.
  • Bleeding or hematoma.
  • Infection.
  • Temporary double vision.
  • Temporary inability to close the eyelids.
  • Asymmetry of the eyes.

During recovery, a patient should use cool cloths, cold compresses, gel packs, and anything else the doctor recommends to control swelling of the eye or bruising. The patient’s head should be elevated during their sleep to reduce swelling. Less than a week after the surgery has been performed, the patient will return to the doctors to have their stitches removed. The doctor will observe the patient’s recovery. The Hawaii Vision Clinic offers cosmetic eye surgery and other procedures that can improve your vision including laser vision and cataract consultation.

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