Commonly Asked Questions About A Lymphedema Certification Course

One of the benefits of choosing a highly recognized training provider for your lymphedema certification course is that you will have the benefit of years of training experience. Of course you will also have the advantage of working with top course instructors with significant professional training as well as years of real world experience in working with patients.

If you take the time to read through the information on the certification course from the school or training facilities website, you should get a comprehensive picture of what you can expect. You may still have questions, and we have put together a few of the most commonly asked categories and subjects.

Difference in Hours

You will notice on the top lymphedema certification courses we offer there are courses which are 40 hours in duration and courses which include 135 hours of training. You will also notice other courses with different time requirements with regards to course hours.

It is critical to check to make sure the course you are taking, if you want to work with lymphedema patients, is a complete lymphedema certification. Anything that is not specific and is less than 135 hours may only be a basic course or a management course, not designed to provide you with the full training.

In-Class or Online

We provide students with the ability to complete 40 hours of home-study which is done before attending the in-person live classroom component and practice. This is a good balance for many of our students as they can complete basic and more advanced theory prior to the class, then attend 9 consecutive days, including two weekends, and obtain their full certification.

We find this works very well for our students with intensive in-person training which gives them the hands-on practice so they are fully prepared to take the LANA National Exam and become a Lymphedema Therapist. However, you will also receive a certificated of attendance which certifies you to perform the Vodder technique of Manual Lymph Drainage as well as Complete Decongestive Therapy.

It is also important to ensure the lymphedema certification course you select follows all LANA or Lymphology Association of North America requirements. These will include the prerequisites of an unrestricted license in one of several approved medical fields.

If you have any questions about registering, method of instruction, what to expect when you attend in person or any questions about prerequisites, just call and we can help.

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