Choosing a Life of Significance

by | Dec 6, 2018 | Health

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It can take failure to bring about a significant life change that can propel you to finding your true purpose. Life has a way of giving you tasks and obstacles. These are lessons in the school of life.

Why Should You Choose a Life of Significance?

While getting a divorce might be considered a failure, it does teach you lessons about yourself and your role in relationships. It also opens you up to meeting the person you are supposed to be with. The same could be said about getting fired from a job. If you stayed, you might end up stuck and not fulfilling your true purpose or living a life of significance. The break from the job, however upsetting and traumatizing, might be the catalyst you need to choose a life of significance.

What Are the Key Hallmarks to Significance?

Take inventory of your life, your accomplishments and pitfalls. Assess the moments, events and things that have brought you a feeling of worth. Worth is more than physical possessions. Ask yourself, “What is of significance in my life?” Matthew Gersper, the founder of Happy Living, did upon the end of his first marriage and noted the seven wonders of his life. For him, they are one true love, family, friends, fitness (physical, mental, and spiritual), finance, adventure (being in nature) and business.

What are Your Gifts?

For Gersper, acknowledging what is truly significant in his life helped him prioritize his time and resources. He believes “Every person has a calling or a special gift. I think it’s in each of us to create a masterpiece from our special talent.”

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