Choose Acupuncture Treatment over Prescription Painkillers

Are you tired of being in constant pain whether it is back pain, leg pain, shoulder pain or chronic wide spread pain in response to pressure like Fibromyalgia? Perhaps, you have insomnia or have a form of depression. No matter what the problem is you want to find a solution to resolve it, right? First and foremost you do not want to turn to painkillers. Even though prescriptions can alleviate your pain it only works for a limited time whereas acupuncture can fully take the pain away and you do not have to worry about becoming an addict to your prescription. If you are looking for the service of acupuncture treatment in Riverhead turns to a well-reputed pain clinic like Total Medical Sports and Rehab for their superior services.

The Process of Acupuncture Treatment

Acupuncture is an old-healing technique of traditional Chinese medicine that has been proven to be not only safe but effective in relieving pain. Health professionals like chiropractors have the knowledge and expertise to use this treatment at their clinic for their patients who insist on this procedure over traditional medications. The process of acupuncture treatment is having a thin sterilized needle inserted into the skin of certain pressure points on a body. Depending on what your aliment is will define on where the needles will need to be placed. This method will stimulate your body’s natural healing method and promote a healthy balance. Acupuncture can relieve blockage and you can experience a range of benefits like enriched wellness and feelings, enhanced digestion, improved sleep and reduced pain.

Immediate Results with Acupuncture Treatment

There are many reasons why people opt for acupuncture treatment. The main reason is immediate results. Other reasons consist of non-surgical, no side effects, no need for medication, it is safe and it does not hurt. For more information about acupuncture treatment in Riverhead, contact Total Medical Sports and Rehab by visiting their website today.

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