Can Stress Affect Hair Transplant?

Indeed, science supports that significant stress can cause at least two types of hair loss- Alopecia areata and Telogen effluvium. If you are a victim of these conditions and looking to get a hair transplant, it’s normal to ask yourself, will stress affect my new hair as well?

The answer is YES and NO.

While this is controversial, transplanted hair is permanent, at least for men. This is because doctors take the hair from areas of the scalp that are not affected by Dihydrotestosterone, the hormone that causes hair loss. So once you have a successful hair transplant, your new hair is safe for the long haul with minimal care.

Hair transplant for a woman is a little different, however, because it can still be affected by hormonal changes and trauma.

Stress and Healing

Now, here is the Yes part. The process of hair transplant is like surgery because it subjects your scalp and skin to trauma. This means you need time to heal, and the skin needs time to integrate these foreign hairs. Unfortunately, stress can significantly stall the healing process and cause the transplant to be unsuccessful.

People who are under extreme stress also engage in habits like smoking and alcohol consumption. On its own, smoking affects blood circulation and can lead to hair grafts not taking root. On the other hand, excessive consumption of alcohol interferes with blood clotting, which affects the outcome of the procedure.

Be Honest

To give your hair transplant the best possible chance of survival, it’s important to be forthcoming with your surgeon about your emotional and mental state. In addition, if you are on any medication that can interfere with the healing process, let them know.

Overall, stress and related issues surrounding it can compromise the success of your hair transplant. However, if you are in Georgia and still want to go through with the procedure reach out to us, but also remember that stress reduction tactics like meditation, exercise, yoga, and deep breathing will come in handy Hair Restoration Specialists.

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