Benefits of Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave therapy is the application of a pressure disturbance that moves throughout a medium, which in this case would be the tendon that it’s being used on. When the wave enters the aching tendon, the shockwave is reflected and refracted around the area. This is meant to increase blood flow and reduce pain in that area of the body. But what if you aren’t convinced. Not a lot of people have heard of this treatment, so there is some justifiable skepticism. If you are considering shockwave therapy in Toronto ON area, here are the main benefits of such a decision.

#1. Boosts production of collagen

What is collagen? Only one of the most important building block materials produced by the human body. Collagen is the material solely responsible for stitching up and healing wounds in the body. Unfortunately, depending on the age of the patient, or the severity of the wound, there may not be enough collagen produced at one time to heal up the wound good enough. Shockwave therapy, however, can increase production of collagen, via the energy pulses shockwave therapy naturally produces in the body.

#2. Non-invasive

Sometimes surgery is unavoidable, but that doesn’t make it any more appealing to the people who may be in need of it. Particularly invasive surgery, it can be a harrowing prospect for people to consider. However, if your condition includes chronic knee, Achilles, plantar, or hamstring tendinitis, or any other form of chronic pain, shockwave therapy makes them unnecessary. It’s also a good option for those who want to avoid the obligatory prescription drugs that come with surgery, as well as the side effects those drugs may incur.

#3. Breaks calcification

When your tendons suffer any kind of serious trauma, there’s a chance that said trauma may result in calcified fibroblasts in the affected area. These fibroblasts can result in further chronic pain for the patient, and decrease mobility even further. Luckily, one of the main benefits of sending an electric shockwave throughout your tendons is that an electric shockwave is very good at destroying such fibroblasts. And if that sounds potentially dangerous all on its own, don’t worry, the pieces these fibroblasts are reduced too are too small to be of any threat, and are quickly absorbed back into your body.

If you are interested in Shockwave therapy and want a place to start, contact the professionals at Back in Balance Clinic.

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