Are There Any Effective Neuropathy Treatments in Bolingbrook, IL?

Neuropathy refers to nerve damage impacting a patients’ protective senses. It most frequently occurs in patients’ extremities including their hands, feet, arms, and legs. Peripheral neuropathy can be caused by anything from exposure to pesticides to life-saving chemotherapy drugs, but its most common cause is diabetes. Patients who experience this problem describe dulled or altered senses, including numbness, burning, inability to determine between hot and cold, and inability to feel vibration or pressure. Some patients describe it as feeling like they are waking on rocks even when they are on flat ground.

Once the nerve damage has occurred, it is not reversible. However, if it is caught early, the progress of neuropathy can be halted, or at least slowed, with Neuropathy Treatments in Bolingbrook IL. The aim of most forms of treatments is to address the symptoms of this unfortunate condition. They are generally targeted to address underlying problems. For example, a patient that has a vitamin B deficiency contributing to neuropathy might be prescribed Vitamin B12 injections. Someone who is experiencing difficulty sleeping at night due to the burning sensation often associated with peripheral neuropathy might be prescribed medications for the pain. There are no known cures for the underlying conditions, but specialists can help alleviate patients’ discomforts and mitigate damages.

Alternative Neuropathy Treatments in Bolingbrook IL such as galvanic stimulation and magnetic therapy have not been proven. The results of these controversial treatments vary significantly and cannot be quantified, posing challenges in evaluating their success. Visit website for more information.

Specialists who treat patients with neuropathy encourage taking preventative precautions in addition to seeking Neuropathy Treatments in Bolingbrook IL. These include an active and professional evaluation of any skin infections, corns, or calluses. These seemingly minor issues can cause ulcerations as the skin around them breaks down and often lead to severe infections. Additional care must also be taken when walking barefoot or exposing the extremities to extreme heat or cold.

Patients with diabetic, alcoholic, or other forms of peripheral neuropathy should be regularly evaluated by a specializing doctor. The podiatrists and other specialists at Suburban Foot & Ankle Associates in Bolingbrook IL can provide more information about Neuropathy Treatments in Bolingbrook IL and preventative care. Learn more online or schedule an appointment today.

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