A Variety of Symptoms Prompt Visits to an Allergist in Evansville IN

Allergies that cause hay fever have different effects on different people. Some individuals mainly have symptoms involving watery eyes and a runny nose. Others find themselves wheezing and coughing, with the lower respiratory system most affected. Some feel itchy or even break out in a rash or hives when they encounter an allergen. All these persons benefit from seeing an Allergist in Evansville IN.

A person afflicted with allergies may be fairly certain what substances bring on these symptoms, but an allergist can confirm the suspicion and sometimes even identify other culprits. One patient might know he or she is allergic to weed pollen in late summer, for instance but never realize that dust mites also cause some trouble. People also can be allergic to different kinds of pollen. One individual feels lousy due to hay fever in the spring while another only deals with the problem later in the year.

In addition, sometimes symptoms are mild and in other cases almost debilitating. That can be true just for one individual, who experiences some mild nose stuffiness one week and an ongoing full-blown hay fever attack for several days the following week. It all can seem mysterious as well as aggravating, but an Allergist in Evansville IN can help patients understand why this happens as well as relieve those symptoms.

People dealing with allergies can learn more at a site such as website. They may find relief from symptoms with a prescription nasal inhaler or from oral medication that doesn’t cause drowsiness. Some patients may actually have a mild form of asthma and not realize it. The doctor may prescribe oral inhalers, one for preventive measures, and one to use if wheezing does develop.

Receiving regular injections to build up the tolerance to the allergen is another option. Getting shots on routine basis usually isn’t a very appealing thought, but not having to deal with the chronic symptoms of hay fever can make the treatment feel very worthwhile. That’s especially true if they have to take medication on a daily basis for weeks on end because pollen lingers in the air or dust mites can’t be eradicated.

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