7 Questions to Ask Memory Care Facilities

Are you seeking options for memory care in the Brick, NJ area? There are a number of questions to ask in your research process that can help you ensure that you make the right choice, whether seeking help for yourself or for a loved one.

1. What are the costs?

Reviewing costs can help you compare options. The most expensive option might not necessarily be the best. Conversely, the cheapest option may also not fit your needs. It’s advantageous to ask if the costs are fixed or if you have flexibility in scheduling.

2. Is this covered by insurance?

Insurance plans vary and help from a memory care facility may or may not be covered. That said, the costs, if not covered, versus the benefits could still make this a worthwhile consideration.

3. What schedules are there?

Some day programs for those with memory issues are fixed, whereas others can be based on specific needs. You may be fine with either option, but it’s advantageous to find out about your options.

4. What sorts of activities are there?

You may or may not seem interested in specific activities. Getting an idea of what’s available is going to help you compare various options.

5. What are the benefits of your program?

Centers designed to stimulate those with everything from mild cognitive impairment to full-fledged Alzheimer’s Disease exist. If you’re not sure whether or not this sounds like a good idea for yourself or a loved one, listen to the program director to see what evidence-based research they can show you so that you can become informed about the benefits of day programs for people with memory issues.

6. What’s included in the fees?

Having a full understanding of the fee structure and what’s included is important. It’s also important to determine what level of commitment you need to make if you decide to move forward with membership.

7. Can I try the memory care center before making a decision?

Seeing something in person and experiencing it can help you make an informed decision. Attending more than the one-day program can help you make a comparison.

If you’re seeking options near Brick, NJ The Regency Memory Care Club would be pleased to answer your questions or book a tour. We have locations in Toms River and River Edge.

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