5 Reasons Why Staying Sober During the Holidays Matters

Addiction is a condition or state in which the affected individual gets involved in a compulsive activity for a pleasurable result. This addictive behavior or activity has many detrimental effects on his mind and body. Addiction can be of a substance or an activity. Addiction to a substance includes drugs, alcohol, prescription drugs, chocolate, or food. Addiction to a certain type of behavior or activity includes sex addiction, addiction to porn, games, gambling etc. Many people who are addicted are unable to identify their addiction until it is too late.

Identifying the problem of addiction and choosing to join an Alcohol and Drug Treatment Center to seek help is a very difficult yet life changing decision. Getting sober requires an immense amount of hard work, determination and dedication. Overcoming Addiction is not an easy process.

All the hard work that goes into the treatment program is hugely tested during the holiday season. For many this is the season of loneliness, grief and anxiety. It is also stressful, as it requires doing many activities, getting together with family and friends, and tolerating stressful relatives. In addition, during the holidays, almost everyone drinks and being around alcohol and other things can pose a challenge. It is extremely important to say no. It helps to resist any kind of urge and pressure. It is not an option, but mandatory to stay sober during holidays. Let’s look at the top 5 reasons to stay sober.

1. Family and friends: They are the ones who matter the most in your life. Your kids, parents, spouse or partner; it can be anyone. They are the ones who suffer due to your addiction problem. Staying sober and connecting with them during the holidays can feel real gratifying to you and your significant others. You can choose to stay sober and be a good parent, spouse, partner, or a child and make the holidays worthwhile for all.

2. Avoid Injuries: The death rate in addicts is at the highest during the holidays. It can be attributed to celebrating, stress, anxiety, grief, self-loathing or the feeling or failure. It often leads to overdosing and may lead up to death. The decision to stay clean during the holidays will avoid such unpleasant incidents.

3. Don’t waste your hard work: The process of Overcoming Addiction is not easy and addicts put in a lot of effort and time into the program. Falling prey to influence during a weak moment can put all the efforts at a setback. Stay clean and sober during the holidays to protect all the hard work that has gone into the journey of you achieving sobriety.

4. Be an inspiration: It may not be evident but when you choose to be sober, you may have become an inspiration to someone who is battling with the same issue. Falling prey to the urge due to the stress of the holidays can not only cause mental trauma to you but also dampen the moral of your admirer. Respect yourself by being sober and let others respect you too.

5. Avoiding embarrassing situations: Usually when addicts get high, they lose all self-control and become an embarrassment for their family and friends because of their inappropriate behavior. The loved ones avoid having them around especially during holidays when relatives and friends gather. This is another important reason to stay sober. It will avoid any embarrassing moment or conversation, which you may regret later. The family will also love to have you around.

It is prudent to develop a plan of action before holidays and stick to it. Choose to be around healthy friends and family. Stay positive at all times and tackle each moment, a minute and a day at a time with resolve.


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