3 Common Injuries That Require an Orthopedic Surgeon in Birmingham, AL

Your family doctor provides a range of healthcare services to you, but there are situations in which you need to consult with a specialist. Here are three common injuries that should be evaluated by an orthopedic surgeon in Birmingham, AL.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a common overuse injury that happens to people who use the computer for their jobs. Inflammation around the nerve that travels from the wrist into the hand puts pressure on the nerve and causes a range of symptoms, such as pain in the fingers, tingling in the palm of the hand, and stiffness.

Ruptured Anterior Cruciate Ligament

The anterior cruciate ligament holds your knee cap in place. The ligament is prone to tears and strains, especially in athletes and people who live active lifestyles. When the ligament is torn, the knee cap moves out of place and may damage the cartilage in the joint.

Spinal Stenosis

Spinal stenosis is a degenerative, genetic condition that causes the space around the spine to narrow. It most often affects the neck and lower back, but can occur anywhere along the spine. Spinal stenosis may or may not cause symptoms.



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