Why You May Need a Vitamin D Shot From a Chicago Wellness Lounge

by | Feb 27, 2024 | Wellness Center

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If you always need coffee or an energy drink to get going at work or school, you may not get enough daily nutrients. While the various diet plans may offer impressive results, some of these eliminate vitamins normally found in animal products. These nutrients provide natural energy and support flexible bone and muscle systems for better agility.

The Benefits of Getting Vitamin D Injections

When we eat animal-free diets, live in cold climates, or have darker skin, having low vitamin D levels is common. The US Centers for Disease Control confirms that 25% of the population lacks this nutrient. If you can’t change your diet, getting a vitamin D shot in a Chicago wellness center may be the answer.

Improved levels of vitamin D often result in –

  • Reduced inflammation and pain in the extremities

  • Fewer fractures and ligament injuries

  • Improved bone density

Injections vs. Supplements

If you’re a person who needs immediate results, injections are the way to go. Supplements, even when prescribed by a licensed practitioner, take a while to work. And the remarkable thing about getting injections is there are no side effects or recovery periods to disrupt your day.

Contact Lume Wellness at Lume-Wellness.com today to learn more about vitamin shots and other services to help you live your best life. They help you say goodbye to body pain, stress, and other barriers in a tranquil setting.

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