What Is Endovenous Laser Therapy In Chicago And How Does It Work?

If you have varicose veins, most people will say it’s not that big of a deal. While they’re unsightly, they don’t cause problems, but they can. Over time, they can bulge and cause slight discomfort or pain. No matter what your reasons for wanting them gone, Endovenous Laser Therapy (EVLT) in Chicago can help. It is an alternative treatment for varicose veins that is minimally invasive and therefore, safer and faster.

Where And How Long

In most cases, the procedure can be performed in the doctor’s office, and you won’t need to go to the hospital or stay overnight. It rarely takes more than an hour to complete the process, meaning you can go in and have it done and then go right back to your normal activities.


The only options that patients had in the past were to go through stripping or ligation, and both were considered the only option. They required general anesthesia and were invasive options that took much longer to complete. In essence, a small device was placed near the varicose vein and then it grabbed the vein and removed them from the body. Most people who had this procedure complained of pain and discomfort, and there could be a recovery time of two weeks.


The benefits of EVLT can include no downtime, immediate relief, no anesthesia, no scarring and less time. There is also a 98 percent success rate with the EVLT procedure


The first step of any process is to find out where the problem is located. They’ll probably use some antiseptic ointment and a local anesthetic to help reduce any pain or discomfort you have. The laser probe will then be inserted into the vein, and an ultrasound will be used to find the problem and help the doctor determine where to put the laser. Once the laser is in place, it is turned on, which won’t cause any damage to the vein wall. However, it will help the vein shrink and close, stopping the flow of blood. Your blood will continue to go to normal veins.

What You Can Expect

While you may experience some tightness in the legs and mild bruising, you can continue doing normal activities immediately afterward, though you should avoid intense exercise and heavy lifting.

Endovenous Laser Therapy in Chicago is a better option than past procedures, allowing you to have the varicose veins removed with little to no pain and much quicker. Browse the website to learn about all the various options.

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