Substance Abuse Treatment, Get It in Minneapolis

Acknowledging that you or a person you care for has a substance abuse problem is not easy. However, admitting that a problem with drugs or alcohol exists is the first, and perhaps the most significant step when seeking substance abuse treatment. With positive support and the right treatment in Minneapolis, you can achieve sobriety and take your life back.

The Cost of Addiction

Both the person and his or her community bear a high cost for addiction. This is regarding not only money, but also the loss of meaningful relationships. Healthcare in the US directly related to substance abuse is over $450 billion every year and rising. This amount is staggering; it is also more than the cost of diabetes and cancer combined.

Even more disturbing than the financial cost of substance abuse is the toll it takes on the individual. Substance abuse is the cause of many other health issues, some of which remain, even after successful substance abuse treatment. Substance abuse can and does cause neurological damage as well as illnesses such as HIV-AIDS and hepatitis.

Treating Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol and drug abuse programs tend to follow a similar pattern. The first step is a professional assessment; the professional addiction specialist finds out what substance is involved, the length of time the person has been consuming it, full medical history and information on previous treatments if any. This information is used to help develop a treatment plan that meets the specific needs of the addict.

Detox is a mandatory step in any substance abuse treatment. It is not possible to become sober and stay that way if the system contains any of the addictive substance.

Once the detoxification phase has been successfully completed, the individual moves into the next phase, which is dealing with the psychological addiction and helping them learn to reintegrate into Minneapolis society.

Substance abuse treatment programs are available at River Ridge near Minneapolis. For further information on programs available for men and women, visit

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