Seeking Help From an ENT for Health Issues Relating to Your Head and Neck

If you have experienced issues with your ears, nose, or throat, then consider visiting a specialist who can examine these areas and develop a treatment plan that can provide relief. Common reasons to see an ENT specialist in Wyomissing, PA, include repeated issues with strep throat, frequent ear infections, or concerns with swelling in your neck. Here are a few ways that you can prepare for your appointment with the doctor.


Before your appointment, make a list of questions and concerns that you have. In most instances, you’ll be referred an ENT specialist in Wyomissing, PA, by your primary care physician. Gather any details about previous visits to your doctor that relate to the issue as well as any test results so that the specialist has a better idea as to what the diagnosis could be and how it could be treated. Make your doctor aware of all of the symptoms that you have and things that you’ve done to try to treat those symptoms.


While you’re talking to the specialist, don’t be afraid to ask questions. If you have a few details written down, you’ll be able to answer the questions that your doctor has about your symptoms as well. Once you’ve talked about what you’ve been experiencing, an exam will usually be performed to look at the area that is bothering you.

Exam Details

There are a few ways that an ENT can perform an examination. Sometimes, a scope with a light and camera on the end is used to examine the inside of your nose and throat in order to make a diagnosis. If the exam in the office doesn’t lead to many answers, then your doctor might want you to have an MRI or a CT scan to get a better view of the area before deciding on the proper treatment.

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