Myths About TMJ DIsorder

It is estimated that anywhere from 5 to 12 percent of the population has TMJ disorder. This disorder can be difficult to deal with. Fortunately, there is TMD treatment Tampa Fl available. Many people do not seek treatment because they believe the myths about TMJ disorder.

Myth: TMJ Disorder Always Shows Symptoms

Fact: Jaw pain, jaw popping and headache are some of the symptoms of TMJ disorder. However, some people do not have any symptoms. If a person does have symptoms, then they may not notice that their condition is caused by TMJ disorder.

Myth: If My Jaw is not Popping, Then TMJ Disorder Is Not a Big Deal

Fact: If your jaw stops popping, then this is a sign that your condition is getting worse. The popping is caused by the jaw disc slipping back into its proper place. That is why if your jaw stops popping, then additional damage may be done to your joints. Your jaw may also start to lock.

Myth: Only Women Get TMJ Disorder

Fact: Women are more likely to get TMJ disorder than men. However, one of the reasons that men are not diagnosed with TMJ disorder as often as women are is because many of them do not seek treatment. In fact, one study suggested that there are just as many men with TMJ disorder as women.

Myth: Surgery is the Only Treatment Option

Fact: Surgery is not typically recommended for TMJ disorder. In fact, it is usually only recommended when the TMJ is severe.

Myth: You Only Develop TMJ Disorder When You are Young or Old

Fact: TMJ can develop at any age. It is often caused by trauma, arthritis or bite problems.

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