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As children grow and mature, they build the social skills that they will use through their adult life. In most cases, the skills they learn lead them to happy, healthy lives. Unfortunately, this is not true for everyone in Burnsville, for some teenagers, therapy is needed.

Mental Health Risk Factors

Children go through various stages of development as they grow to become an adolescent. Each phase brings different challenges. The majority of children work through these stages as part of naturally growing up. Certain events that can and do happen make these challenges harder for some teenagers. The events can be traumatic, such as the death of a family member through routine events such as moving to a new school district.

Although events often affect the mental health of a young person, age and gender can also influence the way youngsters react to changes in their lives. Teenagers are often more confused and have a harder time adjusting to divorce, for example, than do younger children.

Teenage Relationships

As children grow into adolescence, relationships change. Romantic relationships can often cause confusion and strife among teenagers. Relationships between the teenagers and his or her parents can become strained. These issues often lead to mental health and other issues that tend to reduce the child’s quality of life.

Eating Issues

Social issues and stress can cause eating disorders in teenagers. Statistics indicate that 10 percent of female teens are affected by bulimia or anorexia. Eating disorders can have a negative impact on self-esteem, and is dangerous to health, leading in a worst-case scenario to suicide.

Teen Substance Abuse

Substance abuse often starts as a response to the rigors and traumas of growing up. Teenagers traditionally have pushed the limits. Today’s teenagers do so by experimenting with mind-altering substances. What begins as an experiment can quickly morph into a harmful pattern that has a lifelong impact.

Teenagers therapy in Burnsville is designed to help young people get through a difficult stage in their lives. To learn more, contact Options Family & Behavior Services, Inc. in Burnsville.

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