Laser Hair Removal Treatment

by | Aug 27, 2015 | Skin Care Clinic

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Many people suffer from the after effects of trying to remove unwanted hair whether it is experiencing razor bumps, skin irritation, nicks/cuts, and/or burns. The repetition of shaving and waxing can be taxing on anyone and many are seeking different options for permanent hair removal. Luckily, for everyone, permanent hair removal Grand Rapids offers different services to individuals to afford them the opportunity to lessen the hair growth in various areas down to almost nothing. There is no solution on the market that completely stops hair growth…yet.

The closet and safest way for permanent hair removal Grand Rapids is by laser treatment. Laser permanent hair removal Grand Rapids is considered to be a medical procedure that when utilized frequently will stop unwanted hair growth. Therefore, minimizing the necessity to shave and/or wax areas of the body. Laser permanent hair removal Grand Rapids has become the most popular way across the United States and is used by numerous people.

How it Works

Some may question how exactly laser permanent hair removal in Grand Rapids works and it is by utilizing lasers at a highly concentrated temperature (light) which then in turn will penetrate the skin reaching to the root of the hair follicle. The follicle then absorbs the concentrated light, which essentially deadens the follicle’s ability to grow hair properly. The more laser treatments that someone receives, the less likely the follicle will ever grow hair again. For those individuals who may pluck their eyebrows with tweezers, they may have noticed that over time and repetitive tweezing, the hairs come out much easier, the follicle is smaller and possibly the hair stopped growing in the frequently tweezed areas.

Different Types of Lasers

There are various types of lasers that can be used during permanent hair removal Grand Rapids but some of the most commonly used lasers include:

* Intense pulsed light
* Neodymium YAG
* Alexandrite
* Diode


There is no need to worry about the safety of permanent hair removal Grand Rapids because lasers are amongst some of the most precise tools on the planet. That is why they are utilized in so many medical procedures. With the ability to adjust temperate, light bandwidth, amongst numerous other settings, lasers can specifically target the hair being removed without damaging the surrounding skin.

Lasers are also extremely quick in what they do; the hair follicle only needs to be touched by the laser for literally a fraction of a second and a great thing is that many hairs can be treated at one time. Each session of permanent hair removal Grand Rapids will bring an individual one-step closer to their desired goal.

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