Keep Your Suture Needles Close at Hand

One of the most critical times in the operating room is when you’re closing up after surgery. This is a time when you still have to make sure everything is done correctly, but you’re likely also feeling the fatigue of this stressful procedure. This can increase the risk of accidents when it comes to your suture needle handling. With the right suture needle sets, you can eliminate this issue and make the process of closing go more smoothly.

Keep Needles Nearby

A common practice in surgical suites is for an assistant to pass sutures and needles to the doctor as requested during the procedure. This is where mistakes and accidents can happen. When it comes to suture needle safety, there are a lot of risks involved. However, there is a solution. There are needle kits that are designed to attach easily to the surgical curtain so they are within easy reach of the surgeon. These kits often include disposal systems so you never have to worry about dealing with used needles or getting them mixed up with new ones.

An Easier Process

While shortcuts aren’t always a good thing in the surgical suite, anything that makes the process easier is often welcomed. Suture needles sets help make it easier to access the needles when you need them and get rid of used needles without sacrificing suture needle safety.

If you’re interested in suture needle sets, contact Sharp Fluidics, LLC to learn more.

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