Getting the Most from Your Ophthalmologist Appointment

Whether you’re attending an ophthalmologist appointment to receive eye surgery or as a simple checkup, it’s important to get the most out of your appointment. Especially if it’s a pre-surgery consultation, you want to get the most from the time you’re paying for with your ophthalmologist. Here are some tips to help you maximize your time.

Bring a Friend

If your appointment is leading up to surgery, there’s bound to be a lot of information shared by your doctor. A friend can offer moral support in what may be a scary appointment. They can also be a second set of ears to absorb this information or even take notes. It’s also helpful to have a friend there to drive you if the doctor gives you a treatment that impairs your vision.

Brainstorm Questions Beforehand

If you’re getting a treatment, brainstorm questions about the procedure, recovery, or benefits. If you’re going in for a checkup, brainstorm questions about why your vision is suffering. Having brainstormed, written down questions can be helpful in case you get overwhelmed by information in the appointment and forget your questions. Of course, new questions should come up through the course of the appointment, but it’s still helpful to have those brainstormed questions as a backup.

Take Notes

You don’t want to forget the information from your ophthalmologist, so take notes. If you have a friend with you, have one person in charge of listening to information and asking questions while the other takes notes. This way, if you can’t recall the details of your appointment later, you can refer back to your notes with ease. If you have wrist problems or can’t write very fast, ask your doctor if you can record the audio of the appointment on your phone for audio notes. Be sure to only record the appointment with the permission of everyone present.

Whether you’re seeing an ophthalmologist in Barrington or another town, using these tips can help you get the most from your appointment. Productive appointments are essential to the success of your eyes’ health.

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