Do You Need a Clinic That Deals with a Slipped Disc in Westminster, CA?

Millions of people around the country are suffering every single day from back pain. In many cases, these people are sent off to have surgery that often makes the pain and discomfort even worse. This typically ends up with the patient having to take strong painkillers each and every day for the rest of his or her life. Clearly, there has to be a better solution.

Why Your Back Matters

Our spines allow us to move, walk, run, play, and be mobile. The spine itself is a wonder of biomechanics! The problem is that over time, the wear and tear on our spines can result in conditions such as a slipped disc.

Discs composed of cartilage sit at various points between our vertebrae and provide a cushion against movement and vibrations that would otherwise cause pain. Unfortunately, many people suffer from a slipped disc where the structure has moved out of place and is causing pain and inflammation in the area. The good news is that a clinic such as Aspire Pain Medical Center can help.

A Holistic Approach to Pain Management and Recovery

Often, people with a slipped disc in Westminster, CA will seek medical treatment that often involves risky surgery. Unfortunately, this can sometimes cause a lot more trouble for the patient.

The best way to approach many types of back pain and discomfort is to seek out a medical practice that offers a holistic approach to medical treatment. These clinics generally provide such services as:

• Disc regenerative therapy, where a serum is carefully injected into the damaged disc to strengthen it and promote growth of new cartilage
• Physical therapies aimed at reducing and managing pain and discomfort
• Nutritional advice
• Exercise programs such as Pilates and yoga

For anyone with ongoing back pain, seeing a traditional doctor or specialist might not result in the best long-term outcomes. By seeking out a holistic medical facility, one gains the benefit of natural and non-surgical treatments that may provide better relief. You can also like them on Facebook for more information.

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