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Drug addiction has reached epidemic proportions in the U.S., and alcohol dependency ruins millions of lives each year. Unfortunately, very few substance abusers can quit and rebuild their lives without help. Alcohol and drugs affect the brain and have a negative impact on decision making. Detoxing alone can also be physically dangerous. With these issues in mind, many locals rely on a Rehabilitation Center in Orange Park FL to provide solutions. Experienced professionals at rehab a center evaluate each client, offer custom therapies, and provide programs tailored to patients’ needs.

A Rehab Center Offers a Range of Therapies

Before a patient enters treatment at a Rehabilitation Center in Orange Park FL, they are evaluated by experts. Professionals perform psychosocial assessments as well as drug or alcohol evaluations. They provide laboratory drug screening and make recommendations based on their findings. Every patient’s care is tailored to their needs. Treatment options can include individual and family therapy as well as individualized treatment plans.

Patients Can Choose Partial Hospitalization

In-house hospitalization offers the most intense rehabilitation, but many patients opt for partial hospitalization instead. Experienced professionals work with them in day-long therapy sessions. The length of time each patient requires depends on their needs. Most programs last two or three weeks. During that time, staff members stabilize patients, help transition them to less-intensive therapy, and provide them with an understanding of recovery expectations. Patients also participate in a twelve-step program.

An Outpatient Program Provides Customized Help

Patients who need outpatient rehab programs often schedule expert evaluations at sites like Injury Care Centers. Rehab centers offer programs that are ideal for those who want to rebuild their lives but have jobs. The programs offer sessions that are convenient to fit patients’ schedules. They participate in several groups that help them develop coping mechanisms and interpersonal skills. They also work on preventing relapses. During this period, patients go to various therapy sessions and must attend AA or NA meetings.

It is nearly impossible to recover from a substance abuse habit without help, but rehabilitation centers offer solutions. Patients can choose in-house, partial hospitalization, or outpatient care. Specialists provide tailored care that includes a range of therapies designed to stabilize patients, help them heal, and prevent relapses.

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